Officers and Executive committee for 2016-2017:

President: Rose Cornelious
Vice-President: Alisa Huffman
Treasurer: Michelle Rysdon
Secretary: Ashley Morrison

Next Membership Meeting will be held August 4th 8 am, at The Brew Coffee Shop. It will be a networking event, invite your friends so we can meet some new faces!

Come join your neighbors as we discuss the exciting developments and opportunities in downtown. The Heart of Cary Association is a nonprofit whose members are residents, business owners, and non-profits committed to fulfilling our mission:
To preserve, enhance and promote the fundamental character, charm, diversity and prosperity of the downtown business community as well as its adjacent residential neighborhoods.

More information is available by contacting

A great article in the N&O 
The Town of Cary Enhances Online Council Meeting experience.

The latest on Academy Street
Downtown merchants and shops are open for business during the Academy Street improvements!
Dine in, shop and enjoy Cary! 
Hours of operation vary.
Following Wake County Transit Plan: